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Charles H. 

Agoura Hills, CA


My trainer Destiny has nursed me back to being strong and healthy from Two years ago from my quadruple bypass surgery and heart attack into a functioning and healthy individual which has changed my life.  
I am doing incredibly well thanks to her and I highly recommend her for your ongoing healthy choices and needs.  
You will not be disappointed. Great trainer.

 Colton F.

Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA


I began training with Destiny Smith in the middle of June, and since then I have seen quite a noticeable change of definition and size in my chest, back, abdominal muscles, obliques, shoulders, thighs, biceps, and triceps. I am more than satisfied with these results I've managed to see and feel in a matter of only 4 months.  I would recommend her to anyone at any level, whether you've never picked up a weight in your life or if you are a body builder and weight train professionally. The way she sets up each workout is customized to my specific goals and ability.  She is very motivating and knows just the right way to push me when I feel like I can't complete a repetition.

Aram K.

Los Angeles, CA


I've been training with Destiny for over 2 years and she's been an excellent trainer.  She caters workouts to my goals and helps with any dietary information.


David H.

Pacoima, Los Angeles, CA


This review is long overdue. I signed up to Gold's Gym on May 2018 along with my wife.

The staff is great and happy to help out.

My wife got a personal trainer named Destiny who is amazing! Every time my wife finished her session with Destiny, she will tell me what she learned and was eager to teach me lol. (My wife became my personal trainer).

Fast forward to January 8th 2019. We joined the Gold's gym challenge. I figured since my wife talked so good about her personal trainer Destiny, I joined her squad.

Had my first session with Destiny recently and she kicked my butt! Lol. She worked out muscles that haven't been worked out in a long time. She was very informative and even gave me a meal plan which is working great!!!!!!!!

Destiny has pointed us in the right direction and has motivated my wife and myself to achieve our goals!

I would recommend Destiny to anyone who is serious about making a change. You can thank me later.

Thank you Destiny for the motivation, training, and support!

John C.
San Francisco, CA


I have been working with Destiny Smith, who is an amazing personal trainer.  She is knowledgeable and considers what your goals are and implements them into a workout that pushes you to meet your goals. 

I highly recommend her!

Judith P.

Los Angeles, CA


The gym is okay, about four-stars for me. However, this is a review dedicated to my trainer--Destiny Smith--who deserves all the stars! Honestly, I don't know where to begin. I haven't been with many trainers before her, but I can definitely say that she's a genuine person who cares about your well-being and will work to match with your schedule, no matter how busy you are (and I'm a student, so my schedule is always changing). She won't shame you for eating bad or skipping out on leg days, instead, she'll shower you with positive energy and motivation, something that I lack. So if you're looking to train, but are new to the game, I would definitely recommend Destiny. She knows what she's doing and I never felt better.

Testimonial of 12 week Challenge client



I have been in reasonable shape most of my adult life. I worked out semi-regularly, ate fairly healthy, and lived a moderate lifestyle. At 50, some of that changed. I stopped working out and started working and eating late. I had fallen into a middle age routine. At 55, I took early retirement and decided to get back into shape. I was somewhat successful but did not get to a level I wanted. My routines were years old, diet was healthful, but not optimal, and my motivation was not always there. As I entered my 60s, I could feel myself slowing down a bit more. I wondered if it was physical or perhaps just a state of mind. I decided to enter the Gold’s Gym Challenge to find out. I figured having a knowledgeable trainer for regular sessions would eliminate any excuse I had about routines, diets and motivation. Working with Destiny Smith, that is exactly what happened. She developed all new routines and diet for me. As my training progressed, the routines and diet evolved to keep pace with my progress. The diet involved both meal design and supplementation, with emphasis on nutritional balance. Having regularly scheduled sessions left little room for procrastination. I had never had a training partner. Destiny did all the planning outside our sessions and provided motivation and support during them. This allowed me to completely focus on execution. This arrangement made a huge difference in my progress. Lastly, having a defined goal provided an objective endpoint. I wanted something tangible, not just “in better shape”. Once those were set, In Body provided the mechanism to monitor progress. As an engineer, I know having a plan without defined endpoints and continuous assessment and feedback is next to worthless. At 12 weeks, the Challenge is long enough to make real progress to defined goals, but no so long as to make it seem never ending. As the Challenge draws to a close, I have met or exceeded my goals. I could not have done without Destiny and her planning, dedication and support. And I did discover that age really is a state of mind. After a brief break, I want to take it to the next level and see what a 63-year-old can achieve.

Gold’s Gym SoCal National Winner

When age hit Doug P., Doug hit the Challenge and got back in youthful shape! With his trainer Destiny doing the planning, Doug exceeded his health goals! We're loving the progress, Doug! “…I did discover that age really is a state of mind.” – Doug P.


Doug Pfendler 

Is 2019 Gold's Gym Challenge National

2nd place winner

Over thousands of participants and hundreds of gyms.

Only 30 winners in total.

Gold’s Gym's 12-Week Challenge offered Participants a chance to split

$100,000 in cash and prizes. 

Participants were challenged to not only drop pounds and

lose inches, but to live a healthier lifestyle every day moving forward. 

The Challenge

started in January and continued until the end of April 

for five age groups ranging from 18 years to 60+.

It’s not easy to challenge yourself or your body in this way, 

Destiny is certified in corrective exercise, nutrition, exercise therapy and strength training.

Destiny can give you  that push to the next level.

Whether its for your wedding day or a fitness challenge.

"Congratulations to my client Doug Pfendler!"